Fly Ash Bricks
Save environment is our social responsibility. Fly ash brick is an Environment Savior.
The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India, has made it mandatory for all builders to use only fly ash in building material if the construction falls within 500 kilometer radius of a coal or lignite based thermal power plant.
Sponge Iron
We produce high quality Fly Ash Bricks which substitutes the burnt clay bricks. These bricks are most suitable for use in all masonry construction like common burnt red bricks.
Advantages of using Fly Ash Bricks
Environment friendly as it utilizes the flyash (byproduct) of coal based thermal power plants.
Uniform shape / size which helps less usage of cement in brick and plastering work in comparison to red bricks.
Fly ash bricks made building keep cool in summer because of low heat absorption.
Absorbs very less water compared to red bricks.
High comprehensive strength compared to red bricks.
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Mr. Adarsh Kejriwal