Environmental Management
General House Keeping
REXON is situated in a remote area surrounded by beautiful green hills and the premises have already developed a thick green belt. Saplings are being planted every year in the vacant area available to make the premises more green and eco-friendly.
Teams are on duty to take care of general house keeping in their respective departments.
Different prevention of pollution methods have been adopted for effective operation of pollution control devices & strengthen environmental management inside the plant.
Prevention of Air pollution

ESP (Electro Static Precipitators) have been installed in Sponge Iron Plant to discharge clean and dust free gases

Fugutive emission is controlled by bag filters in raw-material transfer points, crushers etc.

Preventive maintenance of the existing pollution control devices to ensure their effective operations

Pneumatic Conveying for Dust Handling
Prevention of Water Pollution

No waste water is generated from the process & 100% recirculation in a closed circuit
Zero discharge of effluent water is maintained