The company has got a strong team of well experienced, highly qualified & competent technical personnel supported by the Directors to look after the entire technical & other aspects of the company.
Shri. Ram Swarup Kejriwal
Shri. R.S. Kejriwal, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the Company having vast technical knowledge in steel making for over 45-years. He has also got decades of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of Furnaces, Kilns, other major plant & machinery.
Shri.Kejriwal has the desired entrepreneurial and management skills to run the project profitability supported by competent and qualified professionals of various fields which is evident from the fact that he is successfully managing more than 400 satisfied workers and are making profit.
Shri. Chandra Kumar Kejriwal
Shri. C.K. Kejriwal, Director of the Company is the elder son of Shri.R.S.Kejriwal who is heading in the field of administration and raw-material sourcing and marketing for bringing the company to new heights.
Shri. Prahlad Kejriwal
Shri. Prahlad Kejriwal, Director of the Company is the youngest son of Shri. R.S. Kejriwal, who is controlling all the financial & commercial aspects of the company for smooth and trouble-free working.
Shri. Adarsh Kejriwal
Shri. Adarsh Kejriwal, Director of the Company is the younger son of Shri.C.K.Kejriwal who is also looks after the field ofsourcing raw-materials, narketing of finished products and other day to day affairs of the Company.