Iron Ore Pellets
Orissa is known as one of the largest mineral rich State in India having abundant mineral reserves of iron ore, coal, dolomite etc. required to feed steel plants all over India. After a long research and experiments by visiting different iron ore processing plants in China, the company has decided to establish one Iron Ore Pelletization project having a capacity of 300000 TPA as backward integration after in-house beneficiation of low grade iron ore fines with its own technology.
Iron Ore Pellets
Iron Ore Pellets are regarded as the superior feed material at lower cost as compared to calibrated iron ore.
High quality pellets are being produced using iron ore fines duly beneficiated in-house for more value addition to raw-materials, which substitutes costly iron ore.
Specifications of our Iron Ore Pellets
  Fe Total 65.5% min.
  Silica + Alumina 3.75% max.

0.005% max.


0.04% max.

  Bulk Density           

2.1 t/m3.



  Crushing Strength

250 kg/Pellet (min).

  Size distribution

6 – 18mm    :  90% (min).


Under 6mm  :  1%   (max).

  Tumbler Index +6.3mm       :  94% (min).
    -0.6mm 5%(max).
  Swelling Index

15% (max).